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Carl and I first met when we were 5 or 6 years old, we went to Primary School and then on to Secondary school together, we lost touch after exams when he copied my work, and then met again, but with life as it is and things changing we went our separate ways as most people do in life especially after school. We did meet up on odd occasions and as you do, did the keep in touch thing.

We had our own lives and hardly did. We did finally find each other again on Facebook and swapped numbers and became friends again, which see’s us where we are today, friends, partners and working together as one on RSJ Drains.

Carl was working in the building trade, has done for over 15 years and got all the experience from doing what he has, Including drainage which he has a vast experience in doing amongst other area’s in the building trade.

Our mission

I found myself working in security for 17 years plus, Carl also done security too, I quit security and was trying to find myself, I wanted to do electrical work but wasn’t fully qualified so went for the job I found on the agency which was working for the builder’s merchants, in which I learnt all about different types of building materials, including drainage, it was all new to me tback then but after a year in the job I have learnt so much from co workers, customers and experience and am now where I am for a reason, sometimes meeting people that you were meant to meet is for a reason, but then losing is meant to happen, but when you find a reason to meet up again and start a business in which you both have experience and knowledge then sometimes it is just meant to be.

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Ready Steady Jet Ltd

Just like when you have a blocked drain or toilet and calling RSJ Drains was meant to be.

Customer Feedback

“I called a few companies during the snow storms in London to deal with the blockage including dyno rod. Non available. I spoke to RSJ and they were down within 2 hours on a Saturday and worked through to 10pm. Unfortunately issue came back following morning, they attended on Sunday and were unable to do very much. Returned Monday and worked on it, and resolved. Excellent workmanship, always available to update client and never gave up. Very impressed with the team and would recommend to anyone. Thank you.”

Major blockage in communal stack pipe.
Customer in London, Pending Verification

“I have very old house and lots of problems I have used other companies but I have to say the only company to find and solve the problem is RSJ Drains the team is very professional the team did not give up until it was all sorted unbelievable. Always kept me informed every step of the way I understood what day was doing.”

Unblocked my bathroom waste water pipes.
Repeat Customer in London, Pending Verification
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