Sink Blockage North London

Did you know that the smallest pipes in a drain system come from sinks? It makes both kitchen and bathroom sink very easy to block. Hair, soap, toothpaste, dirt, food waste, mineral buildup, and other hard objects drained into the sink leads to Sink Blockage in North London. However, being this easy to clog also has some perks. Just like a toilet seat, a P-trap is installed under the sink to help create a water seal to avoid sticky substances settling at the bottom. But if the excess spillage is done, the sink will surely back up....

A simple unblocking method is to plunge the socket if a restricted water flow is observed. Other than that, you can use sink cleaners to do the same. But if both the situation doesn’t work for you, hiring Sink Blockage experts in North London is the go-to option. Our professionals have a handful of tools to unclog your sink, toilet and even main sewer lines with absolute efficiency.

Resolving a Sink Blockage in North London is fairly easy for us. We have years of experience in this work, providing excellent services and satisfying users. If you have guests to come and stuck with a blocked sink, feel free to contact us. A drain expert will be dispatched to deal with than quickly. Both high-pressure water jetting and drain snake methods are introduced to clear the clog.

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