Blocked Sink Chelsea

Blocked Sink Chelsea

A clogged sink is a very unpleasant situation to deal with. Grease, hair, fats and tissues can get stuck into your pipes, making the water drain slowly or even restrict it completely. If you are stuck with a blocked sink in Chelsea, then we are here to help you unblock your blocked sink pipes and make your drainage system running again. You might have tried some home remedies like salt, hot water and vinegar, but thorough cleaning of drains can only be done by professionals like us. We have a specialized team comprising of surveyors, plumbers and drain specialists, who are well trained, equipped and have full knowledge about the sewers and sinks blockages. You can contact us and book your appointment, our experts will arrive at the location within an hour and after doing a survey of your blocked sink in Chelsea, the best possible solution will be done to unblock your sink....

Our professional employees use hi-tech camera probes to clearly access and to know the accurate location of the junk build up in the sink pipe. The survey makes the next process very easy. Chemical cleaning is also done by us if required. Hydro jetting technology uses the pressure of water to clean up the junk and mobile jetting equipment with high pressure can also be used. Blocked sinks in Chelsea are cleaned by RSJ drains at very competitive market prices along with best service quality. With extensive experience, knowledge and latest technology usage, we have earned the loyalty of hundreds of our customers so, try us out now.

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