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You could be faced with a situation where you need to check that the drainage at your home has been properly installed, or you are buying a property and you need to have the drains checked as part of the survey, or you are building an extension to your home, or you are having some recurring problems with your drains. You could benefit from a drain survey done in your property to examine the drains, sewers and pipelines in detail....

Our team of drain engineers can offer you the professional service of a drain survey and inspection. They will record and identify any current or even hidden problems such as leaking drains, which could cause subsidence in the future, leading to damages and costly work.

Our comprehensive report will describe the drain conditions and make recommendations for any works necessary to ensure that your drains are working properly.

Cracked drains can become a serious problem and can lead to property damage, bad odour, pollution of soil and groundwater as well as cause the spread of diseases.

Causes of cracked pipes include the incursion of roots, underground movement and corrosion in the case of metal pipes. Usual signs of cracked drains include foul smells, localised wet patches and sinkholes as well as cracked walls and floors.

The signs of cracked drains are not always visible to property owners and sometimes the condition can only be confirmed through a professional inspection and drain survey by a qualified drains engineer.

How the professionals can help

If you suspect that a drain is cracked, then the best course of action is to call on the services of a professional drainage company.

At RSJ Drains, we conduct a thorough CCTV INSPECTION of the drain pipes. Should we discover that your drain is cracked, you will be advised to decide on what measures you should be taking to resolve the problem, all depending on the extent and seriousness of drain damage.

In some cases, the best option for you could be to repair the drain using trenchless techniques such as patch repairs, which are less costly , less time consuming as well as less destructive. But in other instances, your main remedy will be full excavation and even a complete drain replacement.

Full excavation and drain replacement

In our work, we have experienced that on some occasions the severity and extent of the crack in the drain pipe is so great that the trenchless rehabilitation technology is incapable of remedying the problem. In such circumstances, where pipes cannot be repaired, the only remaining option is to excavate the site in full and replace the damaged drain pipe.

Although full excavation and pipe replacement is more expensive, time-consuming and destructive than modern trenchless methods, it could still be worth the temporary inconvenience and cost to avoid the disastrous consequences that leaking drains pose to your property.

Drainage Repair Service

Over time your drains could have cracked or could have been damaged in some way. This can lead to bad smells, rodent incursion or even dampness and even cause long-term problems with the fabric and structure of your home. As a property owner, it is your responsibility to deal with any problems with drains within the boundaries of your property. If you think that your drains need a repair, you want to call on a service you can rely on. Our drain engineers are fully experienced and equipped to deal effectively with the whole range of drain problems. They can repair or replace all damaged drains. We can identify the problem and provide you the solution, regardless of whether a drain section needs replacing or a simpler repair such as drain lining is needed.

RSJ Drains are available throughout London and the South East to provide drain repairs and relining of all cracked drains. Our CCTV SURVEY provides the most detailed appraisal of a drain issue, allowing you to get expert advice to ward carrying out the necessary action. GET IN TOUCH with us today to resolve your drain problem.

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