Drain Pipe Relining Totteridge

When you need Drain Pipe Relining in Totteridge, call us. The first step is the most crucial, and it entails assessing the current state of the original pipework and developing a strategy to fix it....

In order for this to take place, the interior of the damaged or obstructed drain pipe is jet cleansed, and then a small camera is sent along the inside. This enables us to effectively evaluate the present condition of the pipe without having to dig the pipe up and expose its interior.

Once our Drain Pipe Relining in Totteridge team decides that drain relining is the best way to fix your problem, the liner is carefully fed into the damaged pipework until it covers the whole area that needs fixing. Inflating an airbag within the drain liner forces the liner to expand and cover the pipes inside diameter. The liner will then need some time to get hard and ready to use, making a second pipe inside the pipe itself.

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